After highschool I started law studies at the university but after two years studying law I decided to go to IDRAC Business School. Finally I joined KEDGE Business School to finish my master degree.



2015 - 2017

KEDGE Business School

Master degree in Management
(specialization in Digital Marketing)



2013 - 2015

IDRAC Business School

Bachelor in marketing and management




Semester Abroad



University of the Sunshine Coast

Bachelor of Business




2010 - 2013

Université Lyon III

Bachelor of Law (not graduated)


Graphic Design
Social Media


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Employment Period: 2016 (2 months)

Position: Junior Consultant

Roles and Responsibilities:

I joined the French Tech startup accelerator as a junior consultant. I was in charge of helping Covoiture-art and MyVizito, two startup to find the appropriate way to grow quickly. Firstly I had to conduct  market studies and produce sales forecasts in order to build the business plan and business model. Then I made MyVizito's website. 



Employment Period: 2015 (4 months)

Position: Marketing Assistant

Roles and Responsibilities:

While I was studying at the University of the Sunshine Coast I worked at Poole Group. This accounting firm launched, a bookkeeping software. After spreading all over Australia the company wanted to take on the UK market. I was in charge of studying the UK bookkeeping software market and produce a market study to give Poole Group an overview of this potentiel new market. 


Employment Period: 2014 ( 4 months)

Position: Community Manager

Roles and Responsibilities:

Media Business is a company specialized in marketing strategy. When I joined the firm I was asked to conduct a Social Media analyse. The main objective of this study  was to give a full understanding of the social medias environment : What social networks ? What tools ?... After the market research I built offers for SME (Small and Medium Entreprise) to externalize their community management. 


Employment Period: Since 2009

Position: Community Manager

Roles and Responsibilities:

Hotel de la Tour is a family 4 stars hotel with 35 rooms and a gourmet restaurant. I have been working here since my childhood. My missions and responsabilities have been improved over the years. When I got back from my semester in Australia I was in charge of redesigning all the digital offer : this includes the website, social medias and online partners (Availpro, Booking...). Therefore I have conducted an other project : Read More


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2015 - 2016

I decided to join Technom'Aide when I joined KEDGE Business School and became its Community Manager. This student association is the IT association of KEDGE BS. It is in charge of reparing (computers, smartphones), teaching (photoshop, excel, ...) and developing (CMS & mobile app).


2011 - 2013

While I was studying law I was part of ADELY, a student association. I have organized a mouting competition opened to every students in Lyon.  These verbal jousting matches where sponsored by Jean-Louis Debré, former president of the Constitutional Council. 

Logo représentant un bureau de vote pour symboliser l'engagement politique

Political Party

2010 - 2014

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